North to West Utility Extension

About the Project

Informed by the development of a long-term energy and sustainability master plan, Dartmouth completed a utility infrastructure project that included construction of new hot and chilled water networks, new communications pathways, and new electrical distribution systems to the west campus. Major highlights include:

  • reconfiguration of the campus electrical distribution system to feed the west campus from the north campus electrical substation, and removal of the former west campus electrical substation;
  • extension of chilled water piping to the west campus to serve the Engineering and Computer Science Center and Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society buildings, with capacity to provide chilled water service to additional west campus buildings in the future;
  • creation of the first portion of a new campus hot water distribution system which will eventually replace the campus steam distribution system. This project includes installation of hot water distribution between Sudikoff and west campus buildings, and
  • provision of additional communication paths for Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

Phase 1, which occurred Aug. – Nov. 2018, extended the electrical system from the north campus electrical substation near the McLaughlin Cluster to a new electrical duct bank built in front of the Fahey/McLane residence hall. Power for the west end electrical infrastructure was successfully turned over from the former west electric substation to the north campus substation in March 2019.

Phase 2 of this project was completed in early winter, 2019. This phase completed the ability to send hot and chilled water from north campus (Sudikoff/McLaughlin) to the end of Tuck Mall, where they will be distributed to west end buildings starting in spring 2021.