Dartmouth Hall Renovation

About the Project

Originally constructed between 1784-1792 and destroyed twice since then by fires, Dartmouth Hall was fully renovated in 2021-2022. Through the generosity of over 1,700 alumnae who raised more than $25 million, Dartmouth Hall will meet the needs of faculty and students for decades to come.

The renovation was designed to preserve the building's iconic exterior, renovate interior spaces, and address deferred maintenance needs including full accessibility of the building and landscape. Classrooms were updated with improved lighting and state-of-the-art technology in flexible furniture formats, and space utilization was improved for offices, classrooms, and common spaces. The project also improved energy efficiency and converted Dartmouth Hall's heating infrastructure from steam to hot water to enhance comfort conditions of building occupants and assist in meeting Dartmouth's overall sustainability goals.

Project Team

  • Project Managers:  Chad Morig and Lindsay Walkinshaw
  • Architect:  designLAB architects
  • Construction Manager:  Engelberth Construction