The 7 Principles

The Campus Services team has selected 7 principles as key qualities that serve as the foundation for our divisional culture. They represent how we want our employees to feel in the workplace, and they are qualities our customers should recognize in our everyday service.


Accept that no one is perfect and that team members will make mistakes. Ask questions and ask for help. Be able to express something honestly in a respectful manner in order to help bring understanding to something that might cause friction or be uncomfortable. Be receptive to one another's input without negative judgment.


Actively listen to a teammate's perspective without leading with solutions. When necessary, seek to find common ground or broaden your point of view. Having a different perspective does not require being defensive or excluding the opinions and recommendations of others.


Seek to learn more about each other and acknowledge the value, unique expertise, perspectives and experiences of each team member. Use what you have learned to inform the way you treat each other regardless of your personal preferences. Seek out each other's opinions in areas you might not have experience.


Be aware of others and do not take over meetings. Listen without judgment and give credit where it is due. When disagreeing, do so in a manner that recognizes the value of another's contribution.


Show up for each other, provide assistance/support and do what you said you were going to do. Communicate in advance if you won't be able to accomplish something in the time you said you would.


Help to make everyone feel valued and welcome, with a holistic interest in others that extends beyond operational duties. Provide opportunity for others to be informed and to contribute to decisions through meetings, emails and person-to-person engagements. Show interest and provide the right attention regardless of who is speaking.


Treat each team member with just and honorable consideration. There is no favoritism. Opportunities are provided consistently for each team member with clear written or unwritten rules. Discussion takes place in clear channels and team members can look at matters from different perspectives.