Culture & Employee Belonging

This Campus Services department has responsibility for our Culture and Employee Belonging (CEB) Initiative and will work to ensure our employees feel respected and valued in our workplace. 

Our Desired Culture

We want Campus Services to be a desired place to work in the Upper Valley, a place where people feel welcomed, where they can be their authentic selves, be heard, and feel accepted. 

We want this culture to be felt by those who receive our services. The way we treat one another should be the same way we treat our customers.

What is Culture and Employee Belonging?

Culture and Employee Belonging (CEB) encompasses our programs and policies which promote the representation and participation of different groups of people.

The 7 Principles

We have adopted 7 Principles that serve as the foundation for the desired Campus Services culture. They are: Fairness, Inclusivity, Respect, Dependability, Consideration, Vulnerability, and Empathy.

What We've Accomplished Thus Far

Since our CEB Initiative kicked off in the fall of 2021, we've listened to 500+ employees, developed principles that serve as the foundation for our desired culture, conducted training sessions, and more.  Read about it here

What's Happening Now

We are actively pursuing a number of activities in support of our CEB initiative.  Take a look to see what's happening

The Campus Services CEB Council

Representing the diversity of our division, the CEB Council is comprised of 21 employees who work collectively to help facilitate actionable solutions that will improve the Campus Services culture and workplace.