East Wheelock Housing Renewal

About the Project

Dartmouth is engaged in the first of a two-phase project to renew and renovate Andres, Zimmerman, and Brace Commons in the East Wheelock House. Andres Hall is closed for renovation from June '22 through August '23, and Zimmerman and Brace Commons will be closed the following academic year. This project is the first in a long-term plan to renovate roughly 60% of Dartmouth's residence halls.

Built in 1987, the four residence halls that comprise the East Wheelock housing cluster provide 330 beds to Dartmouth's undergraduate community. Renovations in Andres and Zimmerman are intended to maximize energy performance and address accessibility, deferred maintenance, and program needs. Study spaces will be added, and the overall bed count will be increased by 24 from 168 to 192. The additional beds will be used as swing space in the future as other residence halls are brought off-line for renovation. Brace Commons will also be renewed to create a more vibrant and accessible space for all East Wheelock residents.

Whats currently happening

  • Good progress continues inside Zimmerman, with finish materials being installed: flooring, bath tile, and wood trim. 

  • We've recently erected new steel at the south entrance of Brace Commons. This will serve as a covered outdoor space for tables and chairs, and a new full-glass south wall that can be opened for events, enhancing the functionality of the area. 

  • The elevator installation will begin April 29 and finish in June, with the remainder of the building finishing in late July-early August. 

  • As work is being finalized in Zimmerman, the focus will turn to Brace Commons in the coming weeks.  
  • The Brace Commons roof deck waterproofing installation is ongoing - in anticipation of the new paver system and landscaping on the deck being installed in July. 

Project Milestones

  • Construction for Andres: July 2022 – August 2023
  • Construction for Zimmerman and Brace Commons: July 2023 – August 2024