Sailing Facility

About the project

The Dartmouth Sailing Facility will be receiving a new boat house as well as a boat barn. The boat house will be 5800 square feet and will contain varsity locker rooms along with recreation and community changing rooms. In addition to this, the new building will incorporate more natural lighting as well as more gathering space. It will also include improved stormwater management in regard to its proximity to the lake. 

The boat barn will be 4000 square feet and allow for 22 boats to be stored with their masts up and fully rigged. This feature is a game changer for sailors or student athletes, as it allows them more time on the water and fewer opportunities for damage to the boats. The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2024. 

Project Updates

  • Exterior foundation walls completed - January 2024

  • Concrete is being placed for the foundations of the boat house and boat barn - January 2024

  • Construction is set to finish August 2024

what's currently happening

  • Permanent electrical utility being installed by Liberty to a pad mount transformer.
  • Backfilling the foundations and prepping interiors for under-slab work.
  • Framing at the boat barn.
  • Structural steel at the boat house.