Training Subcommittee

CEB Council Training Subcommittee

Training Subcommittee Mission and Goals

We believe in creating equitable access to training, starting with assessing and supporting current training and identifying the tools and mechanisms required to foster improved future training development.  

Our goals are to make recommendations and support strategies to help build a more robust and consistent training culture and to develop an environment where all Campus Services employees feel they have sufficient and engaging training to excel at their jobs. 

What We're Working on Now

We will support the Director of Culture and Employee Wellbeing in her efforts to produce a benchmark and understanding of the division's training capacity and future needs. This work starts with collecting existing training documents and manuals and evaluating the materials across all divisional areas. The next step will be to assist in producing consistent training materials and identify where improvements can be made. 

Previous Accomplishments

As a committee, we identified the need to return to in-person orientations. Our Admin HR Services team created an in-person new employee orientation to supplement the Dartmouth's HR orientation. There are several departments involved, including Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) which has a "New Employee Safety Training" program.