Communication Subcommittee

CEB Council Communications Subcommittee

What we do

The CEB Communications team is a resource for all Campus Services employees. Using a variety of communication methods, we aim to keep you informed of what's going on within the division and to suggest strategies for how communication can be improved within your area and throughout Campus Services. 

What We're Working on Now

  • Meeting with representatives from all Campus Services departments to understand how communication works in each area and where there are potential gaps.
  • Identifying communication opportunities for improvement for individuals and throughout the division.
  • Completing implementation of TV monitors and Storyboards to expand methods of communication.

How to reach us

Feel free to email or call any of us directly, or reach out through the Campus Services CEB channels:


Confidentially through Hinman Mail:  HB 10000

How else can we share information?  What do you want to hear?