Chalking Policy

Summary of Policy

This policy defines situations, timing, and locations when chalking is permitted and prohibited on the Dartmouth College campus. 

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

Chalking Policy

  • Chalkings are allowed on sidewalks that are exposed to rainfall.
  • Chalkings are prohibited on all buildings including the building's stairs, walls, porches, entrances and other components.
  • Chalkings may be removed if located on a plaza where an event is scheduled to take place.
  • Use of spray paint or more permanent paint/marker is considered an act of graffiti/vandalism/damage to property.  
  • In addition to the above requirements and restrictions, chalkings are subject to all other applicable policies of Dartmouth College. Any chalking and the person(s) responsible for the chalking found to be in violation of such a policy will be addressed under that policy.

Effective Date

September 1, 2022

Office of Primary Responsibility