Campus Services: Cell Phones

Reason for Policy

To assure fair and equitable provision of cell phones to Campus Services employees

Policy Statement

Consistent with the Dartmouth College mobile device/cell phone policy, Campus Services leadership will determine if a cell phone is required for employees within the division using the following policy and criteria. (

Process for obtaining a Dartmouth issued cell phone or stipend:

  • Read policy and criteria in link above
  • Supervisor/manager determines eligibility based on job type and responsibility in policy above
  • If Dartmouth issued phone is chosen, employee must acknowledge the phone is primarily for business use and not personal use.  See details in link above.  Most people have a personal phone as well as a Dartmouth-issued phone, however, that is not mandatory. 
  • An email from supervisor authorizing phone purchase is sent to work control.  Work control follows guidelines below for procuring adequate phone.
  • For a stipend (and not a Dartmouth-issued phone), an application form is completed, signed by employee, supervisor and submitted to the Campus Services COO for final approval.
  • Campus Services COO will submit for processing.


  • As of the date above, the maximum mobile stipend given is $50 per month
  • Dartmouth-issued phones will be determined based on the functions needed to perform the position responsibilities and will be procured and managed by work control.  The plan (data, minutes, etc.) will be set up commensurate to what has been issued to others in a similar role.  A protective case and cover are both allowed and paid for by Dartmouth.  However, the cost of the screen protector and case cannot exceed $50 in total for both.

Exclusions & Exceptions

  • Any arrangements predating this memo will be grandfathered and recognized as originally designed.
  • An employee cannot choose to upgrade to a greater phone using personal funds. 

Effective Date

August 27, 2021

Office of Primary Responsibility