Leverone Field House

About the project

The Leverone Field House is currently undergoing a replacement of the building's roof along with renewal of its mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems.  Originally built in 1965 by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, an early adopter of reinforced concrete construction in public spaces, the building was previously renovated in 2000.  To limit disruption to the use of the building, the project will be completed in two phases with completion anticipated for the end of 2025.  This year's work will include the south-facing portion of the roof along with interior lighting and fire alarm updates.  The work in 2025 will complete the roofing work and replace the HVAC system.

As part of the project an Interactive 3D map of Leverone Field House was created. 

What's currently happening

  • Demolition of the southern half of the roof has been completed.
  • Reroofing is well underway and will continue for the next several months.
  • Interior light fixtures have been ordered and installation is planned for July.