A World-class Athlete Returns to Dartmouth

Today is not any regular day for Eric Lemieux, a 3-year Dining Services employee. Today is Erik’s first day back to work with one medal and two ribbons around his neck – awards that he won as one of 2700 athletes to participate in the World Winter Special Olympics games held March 14-25 in Austria.

This was Erik’s first international competition as a snowshoe athlete. He is rightly proud of the bronze medal he won for racing in the 4x100 meter relay, and the ribbons he won for participating in the 100 meter (he came in 6th) and 200 meter individual snowshoe events. Click here for terrific photos of the World Winter games.

Back in his job as a dishwasher today, Erik happily accepted congratulations and talked about the highlights of his trip: racing and shaking hands with Heinz Fischer, the president of Austria who stayed in the same hotel. No doubt Erik looks forward to sharing his big news with Adam Philie ’17, one of his biggest fans at the NH State Winter games held at the Dartmouth Skiway. Adam wrote, “We didn't know it then, but his races that day would send him on his way to the World Games. The funny thing was that Erik was too humble to tell any of us! It was special to follow Erik's path to the games and I cannot wait to keep track of his races next year.”

And if snowshoe racing isn’t enough, look for Erik in the Special Olympics Summer games where he participates as a freestyle swimmer!