What We've Accomplished Thus Far

Initial Data Gathering

In fall, 2021 Deo Mwano Consultancy (DMC) initiated several data-gathering efforts designed to gain input from staff regarding the current work atmosphere and opportunities for improvement. Nearly 250 employees completed an anonymous survey and 120 employees participated in 50 small group listening sessions and individual interviews held with DMS staff.  

In fall, 2022 DMC conducted a follow up survey that was designed to see how things have changed. 224 employees participated and the results showed 69% of participants believe that the initiative is improving the culture of Campus Services.​

Full results of the surveys are available from the CEB Department and can be requested at any time by contacting Ymani Hawkins.

7 Principles Training

All employees were invited to attend training on the 7 Principles. The six-hour mandatory training sessions for managers and supervisors discussed both the 7 Principles and how to lead with positive intentions.

CEB Town Halls

To respond to requests for more open communication, regular Town Hall meetings were reinstated with the first held in April 2022. Going forward, Town Halls will be held three to four times per year. The next Town Hall will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

Filling & Creating Key CEB Positions

Ymani Hawkins our Director of Culture and Employee Belonging since 2023, is committed to ensuring all employees at CS feel a strong sense of belonging and have a safe space to discuss cultural challenges, seek guidance, and contribute to fostering a culture aligned with our 7 Principles. Please feel free to email her at Ymani.S.Hawkins@Dartmouth.edu.

In 2022, Nick Davis, the Director of Culture and Employee Belonging, was hired to lead diversity activities across the division and help improve the culture of Campus Services. In 2023, Nick Davis transitioned to a new role as Senior Director for Inclusive Culture, for the Division of Institutional Diversity and Equity (IDE).  Nick's role will serve to elevate the work Campus Services is doing and as well as our voice.  

Celia Johnson, the Campus Service Recruiter, is partnering with hiring managers to better understand specific hiring needs, working to build strong candidate pools, and is guiding candidates through the hiring process. Since Celia's start several new employees have been hired using the new recruitment strategies in both Dartmouth Dining Services and FO&M.  

The CEB Program Coordinator role works with the Director of Culture and Employee Belonging to roll out programming, CEB initiatives, training sessions, and Campus Services events.  

Above and Beyond Employee Recommendation

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond? Nominate them to receive Above and Beyond recognition.

To receive Above and Beyond Recognition one of the following criteria must have been met by the employee:

1. An employee has demonstrated innovation in the workplace.

2. An employee has gone "above and beyond" the normal call of duty or their typical job description.

3. An employee has volunteered to help with a project or assignment that would not typically be asked of them.

To nominate someone fill out the Above and Beyond Recommendation Form and the CEB Department will review the submission.

$5 First Friday Meals

On the first Friday of every month Campus Services employees can enjoy a $5 meal at 53 Commons. Campus Services leadership will be available at different times throughout the day so employees can connect.

Culture of Caring Committee

A Culture of Caring Committee has been established and is made up of members from across Campus Services. The committee is devoted to establishing a more positive and caring culture and is responsible for putting on divisional events, helping with communication, and promoting CEB initiatives.  

TV Monitors

TV monitors that transmit Campus Services communications have gone up throughout campus and more are in the works. The TV monitors are one of the new ways Campus Services shares information and communications with staff.

Weekly Newsletter

A biweekly newsletter is sent out to Campus Services staff via email and hard copies are placed by time clocks throughout campus. The newsletter highlights accomplishments and kudos, has a CEB in your corner section, and is designed to welcome staff to events happening throughout campus. To submit material or recognize the efforts of a colleague email Lisa Meehan, Manager of Communications.

CEB Council

The CEB Council (formerly DEI Council) was established in the summer of 2022. Goals include creating better and more effective communication strategies, increasing training opportunities, and developing a strong and positive workplace culture. To learn more about the CEB Council, the work of its sub-committees, and to meet its members, please click here.  

Feedback Collection

The office of Culture and Employee Belonging, alongside the CEB Council, is continually seeking feedback on our events, communications, and training. We want to incorporate the thoughts and ideas of Campus Services employees so we can make our work and programs meaningful, accessible, and helpful to all. Email Ymani Hawkins to share your thoughts and concerns or to ask a question.

Professional Development Planning

The office of Culture and Employee Belonging welcomes all Campus Services staff to meet with Ymani Hawkins to talk about professional development, what opportunities are available, and to develop a plan to achieve your goals. To schedule an appointment email Ymani.

Review Findings

In late winter, all employees were invited to meet with the DMC team to review and discuss findings from the data gathering efforts. Staff attended 90-minute engagement sessions, while managers and supervisors participated in 3-hour sessions to review the findings and learn about the 7 Principles. Key findings suggested we seek improvement in the following focus areas: communications, training, community building, mentorship, and career advancement.