CEB Council

Who We Are

Following are some statements developed by the Campus Services CEB Council that define who we are. 

Belief Statement: We believe in providing a safe space where all are accepted, respected, valued and able to excel.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Council is to create, support and foster a unified community promoting a culture of Vulnerability, Empathy, Respect, Inclusivity, Consideration, Dependability, and Fairness.

How Statement: We represent all Campus Services employees and support our initiative by providing the opportunities, tools, and resources to proactively bridge gaps and promote accountabilities for all 7 Principles.


With oversight from the Director of Culture and Employee Belonging, Ymani Hawkins, the Council is focused on 3 topics that were identified from the Phase 1 survey and listening sessions. Each topic has a subcommittee with support from an individual project manager.

The Communication Subcommittee looks at CS communication tools and mechanisms, and provides strategies for how communication can be improved within Campus Services.  (Members include Raneth Sophorn, Chris Johnson, Monica Godfrey, Martha Dow, Eric Platt .)

The Training Subcommittee assesses how training is conducted and is helping identify tools, mechanisms, and strategies to improve training opportunities.  (Members include Lars Barr, Beth Rosenberger, Ed Lewis, Daniel Justynski, Susan Desjardins. )

The Community Engagement Subcommittee is working on building a strong culture through events and initiatives that provide positive morale and increase a sense of belonging and recognition for all Campus Services employees. (Members include Susie Weider, Billy Lyons, Julie Findley, Deb Scanlon, Johnathan Dunham.)