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Ready to dive into important conversations about mental health?

Mental Health Awareness Month Lunch & Learn


Mental Health Awareness Month Lunch & Learn

Diving Deeper into Campus Services

Ymani Hawkins, Director of Culture and Employee Belonging is continuing to work with our CEB partner Deo Mwano Consultancy (DMC) to provide training for areas in need throughout Campus Services. Training is currently focused on supervisory skills and connecting to the seven principles starting with custodial and dining services.  

On March 1, 2024, DMC will conduct the next annual survey to assess how employees are feeling about the culture and belonging in our division.  

New Director of Culture and Employee Belonging

Ymani Hawkins is the new Director of Culture and Employee Belonging. You can contact Ymani at Ymani.S.Hawkins@Dartmouth.edu.


The Communications Subcommittee of the CEB Council developed storyboards across campus. These Storyboards will be used as a place staff can go to read the weekly newsletters, find out about events on campus, upcoming professional development and training opportunities, as well as other community information.  

Communications Tab on the Campus Services Website

On the CS Communications tab you can find CS Newsletters, the TV monitor slides, Storyboard information, calendar of events and other important information.

McKenzie Spruce Up

In 2023, the CEB Council worked on making the spaces outside the custodial supervisor's office, paint shop, and the 2nd floor coffee area into more friendly community spaces. Improvements to the area outside the custodial supervisor's office include a beautiful new cabinet for sharing free items created by the Carpentry Shop, a coffee table, comfy chairs, and computers for checking emails and attending virtual training sessions.

Apprenticeship Program

The Office of Culture and Employee Belonging is working with leadership and Admin HR to develop an apprentice program in Campus Services. As soon as more information is available, we will share this with Campus Services staff.  

Milestone Anniversaries

The Office of Culture and Employee Belonging alerts supervisors and managers when employee milestones are reached and requests employees are recognized for their service. Campus Services appreciates the time, commitment and service our employees dedicate to Dartmouth, its faculty, students and staff.

Retirement Parties

We want to celebrate the service each employee has given to Dartmouth and to Campus Services and celebrate them as they transition to the next chapter of their lives. Culture and Employee Belonging, alongside the Culture of Caring Committee, has created a policy to ensure fairness and equity in retirement and farewell events.  Please refer to this policy here