Campus Service Computer Hardware

Reason for Policy

To provide employees with tools they need to be successful in their work in a cost effective and consistent manner. 

To the extent possible, to take advantage of the services and contracts provided by the Dartmouth Computer Store. 

Policy Statement

Campus Services will provide computers to employees within the division who need such a device for their work.  Any third party contractors must provide their own computers.

Using the Computer Assurance Program
Computer hardware purchases for Campus Services employees must be part of the Computer Assurance Program (CAPs) as defined by the most recent Computer Store specifications at the time of purchase. The CAPs program covers desktop, laptop and box computers.

Benefits of CAPs computers include a 3-year warranty, free priority service from the Computer Repair shop for all services and support, and machines that are pre-configured with the most commonly used Dartmouth applications and LANDesk managed remotely installed updates. An IT help desk specialist will also transfer all files from old to new machines at no additional fee.  More information on CAPs benefits may be found at:

An IT help desk specialist will help coordinate the purchase for CAP requests and non-CAP equipment such as docking stations, monitors, keyboards and mice. The standard-size monitor for Campus Services employees is 23”. The purchase of a larger and/or additional monitor is considered an exception and referred to in the “Exceptions and Exclusions” section below. 

Hardware disposal
CAPs laptops with their power cords and CAP All-In-One Desktops with their power cords, keyboard and mouse must be returned to Campus IT Support after a new replacement computer is received. If a cord is not provided, the department will be charged for a new one. The replacement cost for a computer that is due for replacement but cannot be located is $250 for a laptop, and $200 for a desktop. 

The disposal of non-CAPs computers and monitors must be coordinated through the Manager of Campus Services - Technology and Information Management, who will consider opportunities to repurpose or recycle used hardware within the division.

Printers, cameras and other electronics should be recycled by Materials Management. If you need to have such item(s) removed, please email Materials.Management@Dartmouth.EDU with the following information:

  • building and room number item(s) is/are in
  • description of item(s)
  • asset tag # and or serial # if applicable
  • chart string to charge for removal

Exclusions & Exceptions

Exceptions to this policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, during which we’ll work with Computer Store resources to evaluate software and hardware requirements of the particular position.  Any exception must be approved by the department head and the Campus Services IT Manager, and any additional cost of purchased hardware must be funded within the department budget. 

The Power Plant and EE shop are exempt from the requirement to purchase CAP machines, but should follow the disposal section of this policy.   


Policy violations may result in assessment of the incremental cost of hardware purchases in excess of the standard hardware configuration, and/or disciplinary action.


Campus Services IT Manager

Effective Date

January 26, 2017

Last Revised Date

October 23, 2018