Reopening Old Tuck Drive

Update for the two weeks beginning Nov. 12 and 19, 2018

Reopening Old Tuck Drive

The reopening of Old Tuck Drive, a historic roadway between the Connecticut River and Tuck Mall, will provide scenic and safe passage for pedestrians, bicycles, and east-bound vehicles. This roadway is part of an overall plan to improve the flow of traffic along West Wheelock Street, and will expedite the route for travelers from Vermont to and through campus. In addition to reopening the road, this project includes replacement of the stairway leading from Old Tuck Drive to Tuck LLC, installation of new drainage and utility lines, and enhanced landscaping. Old Tuck Drive is scheduled to reopen by January 1, 2019.

Additional improvements on the west end of Dartmouth’s campus are planned as part of the Thayer/Computer Science expansion, construction of Arthur L. Irving Institute, and the recently completed West End Master Plan.

What's Happening

  • On the upper portion of Old Tuck Drive, curbing and concrete sidewalk installation continues. Installation for the top course of pavement on this section is scheduled for Nov. 12.
  • On the lower portion of Old Tuck Drive, the following will take place:
    • base paving, scheduled for Nov. 19
    • trenching and installation of storm and sanitary sewer manholes and structures
    • continued installation of light pole bases and conduits
    • site utility work up to the Murdough loading dock.
  • Roadwork and utilities is taking place in the area of West Wheelock Street and the entrance to the Ledyard parking lot. 

What to Expect

  • Road and utility work at the entrance to Ledyard parking lot is taking place at night to help avoid delays in traffic on West Wheelock Street.
  • Old Tuck Drive will be closed to pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicular traffic through early December.
  • The footpath between Webster Avenue and Old Tuck Drive is also closed for the duration of construction.
  • Fencing and signage will be erected as needed.
  • The path and stairways between the Boathouse and Whittemore/Tuck LLC will remain open to pedestrians at all times, including where it crosses Old Tuck Drive, for the duration of the project.
  • Regular work hours will be Monday – Friday, from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
  • Construction vehicles will enter and exit through the west end of campus, and will not travel through downtown Hanover.

More Information

For more information about planning and design for Thayer/Computer Science expansion, visit the project website.

For more information about the West End improvement and enabling projects that will support the Thayer/Computer Science building, the planned Arthur L. Irving Institute, and other West End facilities, please see the West End Improvements website.