Reed Hall Capital Renewal

Update for the two weeks beginning Oct. 19 and 26, 2020

About the Project

Located on Dartmouth Row, Reed Hall is closed until November 2020 while undergoing major infrastructure upgrades. Renovations will address life safety concerns, provide full accessibility to the building, provide energy efficiencies and improve lighting. Improvements will also add more classroom space, and improve paint, flooring and other finishes in commons areas, classrooms, and faculty offices.

What's Happening

  • Functional testing of HVAC equipment continues.
  • Lighting controls will be programmed.
  • Card readers will be installed and access control upgrades will be made.
  • Punch list items will be addressed.  
  • Final cleaning will be conducted. 
  • Site restoration is underway. 

What to Expect When the Project is Active

  • Regular work hours will be Monday – Friday, between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., in accordance with town regulations.
  • Construction signage and fencing will be in place throughout the project.
  • Pedestrian detours will divert foot traffic from walking between Bartlett Hall and Reed.
  • Construction vehicles will travel to and from the site via Observatory Road and the parking lot behind Dartmouth and Thornton Halls.