Less Limited and Full Access Transition

Supervisor Responsibilities for Department Re-Opening on Campus

As Provost Helble announced in a Community Conversation on June 23, most of Dartmouth is returning to full capacity. Please refer to the Community Conversation for a full summary of the policy changes.

Before departments can return to full capacity, their building needs to be reviewed by FO&M so that they can identify spaces with suboptimal ventilation that will continue to have a lower capacity. Once the review is complete, department admins will be notified. A checklist providing a broad overview of departmental responsibilities is available at:

Supervisor Responsibilities for Department Re-Opening on Campus

Your return to the office can take place at the pace and timeline that works best for your department. IT support is limited, and may take time to schedule. We encourage you to start advance planning soon. Please address technology issues by referencing this Knowledge Base article.

If you have questions about the current status of your building, please contact your C&E facilitator and Work Control.