COVID-19 Contractor Safety Protocols


Dartmouth has moved into a less-limited access phase of reopening, and consequently the process for approving projects and contractors/vendors working on campus has changed.

Contractors and vendors who need to submit or resubmit a safety plan should click here.

Contractors and vendors who have an approved safety plan on file dated within the last 3 months are presumptively approved to work on campus provided the following criteria are met:

  • Duration of work is less than 1 week; and
  • Crew size for the work is less than 10 people; and
  • Work sites are segregated from actively used Dartmouth spaces; and
  • A restroom has been identified for this work, and Work Control has been notified of the request for additional cleaning; and
  • Contractors have not traveled internationally within the past 14 days; and
  • Contractors are not traveling to campus using public conveyance.

If this criteria is not met, the Dartmouth contact must fill out the form below, which will be provided to EHS for screening. EHS will reach out within 2 business days to ask for additional information, and will let the Dartmouth contact know if review by a larger committee is warranted.  Note: it may take up to two weeks for the committee to convene; please indicate if a faster review is needed.

Information for Dartmouth Contact to Complete