Baker Library Drainage and Waterproofing Improvement

For the two weeks beginning Oct. 12 and 19, 2020

The Project

This project will redirect storm water drainage around the south side of Baker Library. New foundation waterproofing and masonry repairs to the brick façade will also aide in the preservation of the structure. During the project two trees on either side of the Library's front doors will be removed and replaced in the fall. 

The project is scheduled to start June 15 and be complete by the end of October. 

What's Happening

  • Installation of new granite slabs on the window wells is underway.
  • New steel grates will be installed. 
  • Masonry restoration continues.
  • Two new trees will be planted.
  • Site restoration begins.

What to Expect

  • Regular work hours will be Monday – Friday, between 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Construction signage and fencing will be in place throughout the project.
  • The main enrance to the Library will be closed for the duration of the project. Employees and visitors should enter through the east or west side doors. 
  • ADA access to Baker Library will be available through the 1902 room door, just east of Sanborn Hall.