Undergraduate Housing

About the Project

Dartmouth is proceeding with planning and design of a new 350-bed undergraduate residence hall. This facility will relieve pressure on the housing facilities currently at capacity to serve as “swing space” to house undergraduate students while other residential facilities are taken off-line for renovation and renewal. Once this new facility is built, the College will have adequate space to undertake a decade-long plan to renovate existing residence halls, strengthen the House Centers, and have the option to take down some of the older buildings at the conclusion of the renovation cycle.

After a number of informational meetings with faculty, staff, students, alumni and other community members, a decision was made to site the new building at the corner of Crosby and East Wheelock Street. 

Project Milestones

  • September, 2018 – Site selection and proceed with design
  • Commence Completion of Design phase – dependent on fundraising

Project Team

  • Project Manager: Joanna Whitcomb
  • Architect: Sasaki Architects
  • Contact: [email protected]