North End Planning Activities

Upcoming Planning Activities

This project has already benefited from extensive community feedback. Moving forward, our process will prioritize additional engagement in key areas including project design, programming, and activations, the student experience, and more. Topic-specific meetings, which will run from 6pm – 8pm, include:

  • Presentation of plan and community feedback: July 11;
  • Green and public spaces: July 25;
  • Sustainability and transportation: Aug 1;
  • Programming, activation, and student experience: August 8; and
  • Residential building design and materials: August 15.

Please see the Community Connections section on the North End Housing website for more information on the upcoming meeting schedule and registration information.

In addition, neighbors, students, and other constituents have an ongoing opportunity to submit comments and questions to

Student experience

In addition to the community-wide feedback sessions, the Office of Student Affairs will host a parallel student-specific engagement process, designed to better understand the opportunities and challenges embedded within the North End apartment model. A number of focus groups will consider:

  • The student experience of the House communities and how it could extend to the North End most successfully;
  • Space and social planning, including how common and social spaces are designed; and
  • How the North End can appropriately bridge off-campus housing and on-campus flexibilities/choice, via dining plans, longer-lease options, and storage.

Students and faculty will be our primary focus groups, with the Student Affairs team gathering feedback from House professors (and other affiliated faculty), the Student Interhouse Council and Summer UGAs, and a focus group with students living at  the new Summit on Juniper apartment complex that opened this spring near Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. 

Student Affairs anticipates that this will be the first phase of a longer process of engaging the student community on these and other important issues necessary to creating a successful residential experience in apartment-style housing located in the North End.

Completed Planning Activities

A webinar-style community meeting was held on Jan. 20 with more than 240 participants. The meeting video, presentation, and summary of polling responses are posted in the Related Links section below.

Student focus group and Town Hall meetings have been held. A student survey was conducted that drew more than 1,100 respondents. Findings from the survey will be published shortly.

Geotechnical exploration of the property's rocks and soil has been completed.

Wetlands field work is substantially complete.

Site surveying has been conducted, and the verification of deeds and plans is being finalized.

Dear Neighbors newsletters are being distributed to keep Lyme Road residents informed. Please send a request to if you'd like to be added to the distribution list.