Holistic Vision for the North End

Holistic Vision for the North End

As imagined in Planning for Possibilities, Dartmouth identified the grounds of the former golf course on the west side of Lyme Road as an area for long-term strategic growth. We remain true to the view expressed in the plan that redevelopment can coexist with and improve access to the area as a community recreational asset. The residential development will be the first project in the new North End, expected to be followed over time by additional academic and recreational spaces adjacent to Pine Park.

Residential vision

Dartmouth is committed to its historic housing model. Residence halls are the foundation upon which community and friendships are built and are home to most undergraduates. This project will expand options and increase the number of students who can live on campus, which we consider to be an integral part of life at Dartmouth.

Historically, apartment-style options have not been offered in significant numbers on the Dartmouth campus. After we released the initial Lyme Road proposal in October 2021, we received student feedback in support of an on-campus, apartment-style, Dartmouth-operated residential option that allows for greater independence. 

Recognizing this area will become a new focal point of campus activity, we will maintain the Dartmouth sense of place, provide development options to meet emerging and future facility needs, and restructure the transit and parking systems for stronger connections among regional Dartmouth destinations.

As we move forward in the planning for the new North End, maximizing this vision and its connection to Dartmouth's history will include working together to consider:

  • Connection between North End residential units and the House communities;
  • Effective and efficient transportation options;
  • Identifying options to create inviting, informal spaces on the (core) campus for students during the day/evening, minimizing incidental back and forth; and
  • Programming to attract and integrate residents into the campus experience.

Academic vision

One of the key principles of Planning for Possibilities is to support the academic and research mission of the institution. Over time, this will be realized by the development of new academic resources near the Life Sciences Center, Dewey lot, and the new North End.  While there are no current plans for specific academic buildings in this location, we anticipate that this location provides capacity for up to two clusters of academic uses consistent with institutional priorities. 

Green space vision

We recognize that green and open spaces give Dartmouth and the town of Hanover special character. Pine Park, the Green, and the Appalachian Trail make this community unique and attractive. As we think about the future of Dartmouth, we are committed to continued access to these important resources, passive recreation opportunities, and shared use of fields with the town. In particular, we are committed to continuing our partnership with Pine Park Association to ensure the ongoing active use of Pine Park by the community will remain and be facilitated by this project.

As we plan for this project, we look forward to feedback on:

  • Proposed connection points to public green spaces and Pine Park;
  • Strategies for maximizing recreation spaces; and
  • Collaboration between local land stewardship and other organizations and the College