Lyme Road South Planning Project

About the Project

Dartmouth is in the planning and feasibility phase to consider development of Lyme Road South for undergraduate housing and an updated practice facility for varsity golf. In the recently completed strategic master planning framework, Lyme Road South is identified as a precinct where, "development could include a mix of campus uses, such as academic, administrative, and graduate or professional student housing, and be sensitively integrated into the grounds and include landscape restoration."

Dartmouth's capital planning process is used to validate the need for a project, define options, and identify critical needs, such as infrastructure, parking, transit, space, etc. During this phase of the Lyme Road South Planning project, conversations will be held with a variety of constituents, including neighbors and community members, to share planning information and gain input. These conversations will take place in early 2022 with the hope to finalize a development plan for this area in late winter or early spring.

In their recent Sept. 2021 meeting, Dartmouth Trustees recommitted to graduate and undergraduate housing as a top strategic priority. A housing renewal roadmap that defines the schedule, financial impact, swing space, and typology for housing is being developed for Trustee review. An Infrastructure Renewal Fund was established in early 2021 to support long-term, mission-based infrastructure projects, such as housing, renovation of Dartmouth's aging academic buildings and upgrading the energy infrastructure. 

Completed Planning Activities

  • Geotechnical exploration of the property's rocks and soil was completed in Dec. 2021; the associated geotechnical report is expected by end of Jan. 2022.
  • Wetlands field work is substantially complete.
  • Site surveying has been conducted, and the verification of deeds and plans is being finalized.
  • The first of several Dear Neighbors newsletter to Lyme Road residents was distributed. Please send a request to if you'd like to be added to the distribution list.

Project Milestone

  • Complete Planning & Feasibility phase – Early Spring, 2022