DOC House Renovation

About the Project

Dartmouth plans to renovation the DOC House located on the northern shore of Occom Pond. Following are specific project goals with the full cost of renovation to be funded from gifts:

  • Refurbish all finishes and preserve the historic features of the building
  • Address deferred maintenance of building and life safety systems, and provide accessibility to primary functions
  • Improve usability and appeal of the facility for college functions
  • Improve energy efficiency

The DOC House was built on Occom Pond in 1929, to serve as a clubhouse and a center for skiing and skating. For many decades, members of the DOC ran a full-fledged and well-respected restaurant out of the building. Today the DOC House is used for special events managed through Dartmouth's Conferences and Events Office, and serves as the primary location for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth. In winter months, the DOC continues to rent equipment to the public through the Dartmouth Ski and Skate Center in the DOC House’s lower level.

With schematic design complete, the project is on hold until gifts are committed to fund the project.

Project Milestones

  • Design schedule: March – June, 2019
  • Construction schedule:  TBD, dependent on fundraising