Infrastructure Projects

Dartmouth Facilities Operations & Management (FO&M) regularly re-invests in the College’s physical assets to maintain quality buildings and ensure major systems continue to function well.

Assessing Maintenance Needs

 These “Capital Renewal” investments are made primarily in critical systems such as structure and building envelope (roofs, masonry, etc.), life safety systems (fire alarm and sprinkler), mechanical, electrical and plumbing. 

An in-depth Facilities Condition Assessment is performed on all Dartmouth buildings every five years. During this audit, all aspects of a building are carefully reviewed to assess their condition and remaining useful life. This data used to develop a Facilities Condition Index (FCI) which is then used by FO&M’s Capital Renewal team to help prioritize new projects. 

Capital Renewal projects to be completed this summer

  • Class of  '53 Commons emergency generator replacement & power distribution
  • Alumni Gym/Berry Sports Center emergency generator replacment
  • Alumni Gym fire alarm
  • Alumni Gym men's public locker room renewal
  • Baker/Berry Library fire alarm replacement
  • Burke Lab fume hood replacement
  • Burke Lab roof replacement
  • Collis Center bathroom renewal
  • Dick's House roof replacement
  • Exterior painting at Wilson, Hallgarten, Rockefeller/Silsby, Sudikoff, Wilder, 11 E. Wheelock, 23 E. Wheelock, 10 W. Wheelock, Andres, Mid Mass and North Mass
  • Hopkins Center emergncy power distribution
  • Karl Michael pool scoreboard replacement
  • Paddock Library dehumidification
  • Steele Hall HVAC control renewal & Steele Hall heat recovery and hot water conversion
  • Wentworth Hall life safety upgrades
  • Wheeler Hall renewal