Energy Optimization Project

About the Project

The North Chilled Water Plant Energy Optimization Project entails conversion of the chilled water pumping system from a primary/secondary (and in many cases tertiary) pumping system to a "variable-primary" pumping system. Energy savings will be realized through a large reduction in pumping power which will, in turn, result in a reduction in cooling load for the North Plant. The project included piping modifications and major controls revisions to the Central and Burke chilled water plants (which are interconnected and together form the North Chilled Water Plant), and modifications in the buildings that receive chilled water from the North Plant.

Projected Savings

The North Chilled Water Energy Optimization Project is predicted to result in the following annual savings:

  • 1,100,000 kWh grid-purchased electricity
  • 200,000 gallons of city water saved at the North Chiller Plant cooling tower due to the reduction in cooling load

Combined, these reductions are estimated to save the College over $125,000 in annual utility costs, and reduce Dartmouth's annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 280 Metric Tons CO2e – the equivalent of removing 60 cars from the roads.

Project Team

  • Project Manager:  Julia Pfeiffer
  • Mechanical Engineers:  SMi Enerpro, Eequinox
  • Mechanical Contractor:  NPI
  • Controls Contractors:  Honeywell, JCI