Campus LED Lighting Conversion

About the Project

In 2018 Dartmouth initiated a multi-year process of comprehensively converting the campus lighting systems to energy efficient LED lighting systems. In addition to providing substantial energy use reductions, LED lighting systems also last much longer than other lighting technologies, resulting in significant maintenance cost savings.

It is estimated that a comprehensive campus LED lighting conversion project will reduce total campus electric use by 20%, with a total implementation cost of $10 million, and an average simple payback of 7 years. Dartmouth has completed over $1.35 million of lighting retrofit projects in several buildings to date, including in Burke, Baker, Carson, Collis, 53 Commons, Sudikoff, and Wilson. LED lighting projects in several additional buildings are in the planning stage.

Project Team

  • Dartmouth Energy Management: Scott Hening, Betsy Ricker
  • Project Manager: Joe Roberts
  • FO&M Operations: Chad Loomis, John Biele