Rowing Training Facility

About the Project

Plans are underway to build a new Rowing Training Facility and to renovate the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse, with the goal of consolidating rowing training facilities at the river. The primary feature of the new facility will be state-of-the-art rowing tanks, to replace the existing tanks at Alumni Gym. The existing boathouse will be improved to create an ergometer room sized for full team training, with additional ergometer training in the proposed addition. We are committed to installing new heating/ventilation and life safety systems, and are looking at other possible improvements including new boat storage rackes, new lockers and flooring.

Schematic design for the boathouse renovations and the new training facility are complete. The design concepts have been coordinated with the 2012 Riverfront Plan and the recently completed West End Master Plan. The project team is currently in the Completion of Design phase, and was approved for construction by the Board of Trustees at its June, 2018 meeting.

Upcoming Project Milestones

  • Design complete: Summer, 2018
  • Construction complete: Summer, 2019

Project Team

  • Project Manager: James Pike
  • Architect: ARC Architects
  • Contractor: Estes & Gallup
  • Contact:[email protected]