Rowing Training Facility

About the Project

Dartmouth is building a new Rowing Training Facility and renovating the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse, with the goal of consolidating rowing training facilities at the river. With the facility’s new high-tech equipment, the rowing teams will be able to simulate training at a level similar to their peer competitors, who start training on the water months before the Dartmouth teams who wait for Connecticut River ice to melt.

A primary feature of the new training facility is two moving-water tanks that simulate conditions on the water, and allows rowers to use blades that are similar in size and shape to those used on the water. The new building also adds 30 ergometers (ergs), which together with renovations to the Boathouse, will provide space for a total of 78 ergs for the ~120 members of the women’s, men’s heavyweight and men’s lightweight teams. Boathouse renovations will include new life-safety and ventilation systems, and a multi-use lounge to connect the two buildings and provide meeting and social space.

Design concepts for the rowing facility were coordinated with the 2012 Riverfront Plan and the recently completed West End Master Plan. There are several projects in the campus west end that are actively in the design or construction phase. The rowing project will be concurrently managed with the reopening of Old Tuck Drive, and enabling and improvement projects related to the Center for Engineering and Computer Science expansion.

Upcoming Project Milestones

  • September, 2018: Commence construction
  • August, 2019: Project completion

Project Team

  • Project Manager: James Pike
  • Architect: ARC Architects
  • Contractor: Estes & Gallup
  • Contact:[email protected]